Requesting A Script

Scripts are available for $10 each (which covers photocopying and postage).  Contact the playwright for details.

Free Perusal Copies:

Theatres, producing organizations, and their representatives may request digital perusal copies of plays free of charge.
To request a perusal script, please provide the following information:

City, State, Postal Code (Zip):
E-mail address:
Title(s) requested:
E-mail copy? or print copy?

Note: Receipt of script(s) does NOT automatically convey rights to perform, produce, or otherwise present any of the works under copyright. To inquire about possible production or performance, contact the playwright.



Rights to all the scripts belong to the playwright, Hope McIntyre.  Rights for Hunger, Trauma and Empty can be attained through the Playwrights Guild of Canada ( and the rights for Revisioning and Ripple Effect can be arranged through One Act Play Depot ( .   All other scripts are handled by the playwright and rights can be arranged by e-mailing Hope McIntyre with details of performance dates, times, the size of venue, status of the theatre company (amateur, professional, educational facility) and the amount that will be charged for tickets.