Jennifer Fawcett (right) in scenes from HUNGER. Photos by Megan Saxton.


2 Female/Drama/70 minutes

Based loosely on a true story, Hunger is the story of one woman's struggle against political and emotional turmoil. Jesse is a human rights lawyer who married the Commandante of a Guatemalan guerrilla group. He soon disappeared. Knowing this was a common government tactic, Jesse began a hunger strike on the steps of the Guatemalan Capital Building. We follow her journey of deprivation which is filled with dreams, nightmares and memories. She soon discovers just how her own American government is caught up in the same web of corruption as the Guatemalan government, both torturing and tormenting the Mayan population in order to maintain control. Using movement, sound score, video and slide imagery, this play is a powerful portrayal of loss and hope.

Hunger was originally workshopped in Toronto in 1998 and was performed that same year in Theatre Passe Muraille's Backspace produced by Sarasvàti Productions. The show was then remounted in Winnipeg in 2001. Both shows were benefits for Amnesty International raising money and awareness for human rights work. The play has also been published in International Plays for Young Audiences (Meriwether Publishing Co.). Rights to HUNGER are available through the Playwrights Guild of Canada, .


Elizabeth Dalgleish and Rebecca Burton in REVISIONING. Photo by Sam Steadman.

"The resulting ‘revisionist’ historical drama is tough, smart, and compelling.." – Randall King, Winnipeg Free Press


3 Females/Drama/60 minutes

Three women are shipped to the New World (Canada) on a convict ship from Britain. Molly's journey begins with great hope of her new life, Sarah has been taken against her will and forced to leave her life behind, Rene has no illusions that as a convict her life will be much the same. All three are transformed throughout the months on board and find that their lives are changed forever. This moving piece tells a tale of Canada's founding mothers, examining a part of history that is often left untold.

Originally read before an audience in 1998, Revisioning was first produced as part of the Festival of Original Theatre in Toronto and then given a three week performance run at the Alumnae Theatre Studio in 1999. It has since run to sold out houses and critical acclaim at the Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival. A chapbook of the script is available at .



10 Characters; Full-length Multi-media Drama

Imagine the world is an asylum.  The inmates are the continents and the wardens are Money, Religion and Government.  When a homeless woman is dumped in to this metaphorical world, she must battle her own demons as she attempts to liberate the world.  Is she the new Messiah or merely insane?




26 Characters (with doubling can be done with 8 actors); Full-length Drama

Based on a true story of incest and infanticide, the play explores the journey of Marie.  After years of incest, Marie’s daughters are now giving birth to her husband’s children.  Marie kills the babies at birth – is it an act of mercy, pity, rage or vengeance?   How does a family weighed down with guilt and shame find a path to forgiveness?  The play explores the personal reaction of those involved but also the community’s response to this horrendous tale.



2 Females; One-Act Drama; 30 minutes

Two women, one the mother of a murderer and the other mother to a victim.  We see the effects of the recent trend of school shootings through the eyes of the mothers.  Rights to Trauma are available through the Playwrights Guild of Canada, .

Winner of Theatre in the Raw’s One-Act Play Contest in 2001.



2 Female/3 Male; Full-Length Black Comedy

How would you react if you’re ex-fiancé showed up while you were in bed with a new boyfriend.  What if your ex had been dead for over a year?  Rene must cope with her grief after the ghost of her fiancé begins to haunt her.  To add to the chaos is her none-too-supportive mother and her fastidious new boyfriend.

Winner of UNI Theatre’s International Playwriting Competition in 2000.



3 Female/4 Males; Full-Length Drama

An exploration of one woman’s journey to fight an underground ring of child abuse and pedophilia.  Unfortunately, what she uncovers hits a little too close to home.


Ripple Effect

“Many of the students at my school have witnessed or been victims of violence and so after the play, the ideas that were raised about how violence begets violence were powerful. They were able to see these connections in Ripple Effect as well as in their own school and community at large.”

Angela Robbie (St. John’s High School) after a touring performance of Ripple Effect


7 Female/4 Male (with doubling); One-Act Drama

This piece was commissioned by a community group to explore the cycle of youth violence.  It premiered at FemFest 2008 and toured to Manitoba schools in the fall of that year. Featuring an ensemble cast and developed with the input of youth, it is an honest look at the ripple effect of violence in the home, in schools and in the larger global context. A chapbook of the script is available at .


4 Female/4 Male (with doubling); Full-Length Drama

In a not so distant future, the world is divided along the lines of class, race and gender.  To some it is utopia, the new Eden, while to the majority it is a living hell.  The play unravels in a stylized fashion mixing dream with reality.  An exploration of truth and justice from a variety of perspectives.


7 Female/4 Male; One-Act Drama

Created through the Winnipeg Arts Council WITH ART Program in partnership with the Winnipeg Harvest food bank at the First Universalist Unitarian Church, this play explores a series of characters who visit the food bank. The audience follows a single mother, immigrant, a father on disability and a drug addicted youth in order to understand the reality that brings them to the food bank.


6 Female/1 Male (with doubling); Full-Length Drama

This play was created in partnerships with the Elizabeth Fry Society of Manitoba as the result of three years of research and theatre workshops in corrections institutions. Jasmine was born in prison and at the age of 18 is pregnant and facing her most serious crime to date. Through a mix of reality and heightened parody the Canadian justice system is examined and the question of how to break the cycle is asked. Published by Scirocco Drama.



2 Female/1 Male; Full-Length Comedy

A young Canadian writer, Siobhán, travels to the Hebrides to trace her roots and research a book she is writing.  She is a MacDonald and is captivated by the clan wars and bitterness that carried on for so many generations between her family and the Campbells.  Her guide to the Highlands, Euan, finds her inability to deal with a simpler and rougher lifestyle very entertaining.  As Siobhán tries, through history, to explore her own identity, or lack thereof, she discovers what she has been running from.  Siobhán also learns that Euan is himself a Campbell and her enemy. 





2 Males; Black Comedy

Terry is terrorized by evil, by green jell-o and his own homophobia. 



2 Females; Drama

A performance piece exploring Obsessive Compulsive Disorder through the lives of a mother and daughter.