Clan Wars

A young Canadian writer, Siobhán, travels to the Hebrides to trace her roots and research a book she is writing.  She is a MacDonald and is captivated by the clan wars and bitterness that carried on for so many generations between her family and the Campbells.  

Have Mercy

Based on a true story of incest and infanticide, the play explores the journey of Marie.  After years of incest, Marie’s daughters are now giving birth to her husband’s children.  Marie kills the babies at birth – is it an act of mercy, pity, rage or vengeance? 


Imagine the world is an asylum.  The inmates are the continents and the wardens are Money, Religion and Government.  When a homeless woman is dumped in to this metaphorical world, she must battle her own demons as she attempts to liberate the world.  Is she the new Messiah or merely insane?